Self Care Belle


“My name is Kemi Huntley and I’m a Licensed  Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Entrepreneur; in which I promote self care via  psycho-education, encouragement, and  merchandise. I currently have a private practice in Mental Health Counseling based in Charlotte, NC. I have been in private practice since 2015 and  created SELFCAREBELLE, my second business  in 2017.

I never envisioned I would own my own business, that actually wasn’t part of the plan for me, because when you’re in school, especially grad school they aren’t grooming you to work for yourself, but merely to work for others and help build their dream in a sense. I worked for a group agency shortly after graduating grad school and was hired on as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and through that, was presented with the opportunity to complete the 3,000 supervision hours which is required to obtain licensure as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of North Carolina. I am so thankful for that  opportunity because I wouldn’t have pursued it on my own otherwise, because it has paved the way for me to be a business owner and develop my own private practice and also for me to develop SELFCAREBELLE, because It is my experience as a therapist that allows me to be oh so familiar with self care and the importance of it as a health care professional.

I was nearly burnt out back in 2017 and randomly was sitting on my couch and turned to my husband and said what if I made a T-shirt that reads “I’m not selfish it’s called Self care?” and he was like, do it! And I remembering saying, would people actually buy a $20 shirt though?!, and boy was I wrong, I posted a promo tee on my social media (IG) and the response, was what I never expected, and that slogan/ phrase took off in a major way, I was selling out of tees and having to restock and it was a great problem to have at that time…this kept going for over a year, where I would have sales and then  sell out. I would also hit peaks of sales and then have dry spells over the course of the years since I first started selling merchandise, then I added a few more products over the course of time to my website.

As a business owner I love the freedom and autonomy that I have and also flexibility with both businesses. However, my regrets, just to name a few was having a team of people to help me, it’s a lot of work and not advisable to try to be  one woman show for the lifetime of your business, which is why I am at a crossroads in my second business now, because I don’t have anyone else to bounce ideas off of or to hold me accountable and to support my visions and ideas too! However, my husband has been very supportive over years and has been a big help. I also regret not taking advantage of funding opportunities and also more business partnerships; which is why a  team is so important too:-). In five years I hope to have a growing private practice, in which I can hire at least one other clinician and also have a developed team to push the SELFCAREBELLE brand further and curate more lavish self care  retreats locally and even internationally."

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