Allowing God to order her steps. Read Mindy's Story.


"My name is Mindy! In 2016, when I was just 29 years old, I found a lump in my left breast after returning indoors from a winter run. Knowing this was not normal for me, I contacted my physician immediately and was in her office within a day. Within 2 weeks, I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 2b breast cancer. Newly engaged to be married, we did not have time to initiate or complete the egg retrieval process for fertility preservation. I soon thereafter received my port and chemotherapy began the day after. Five months of intensive chemotherapy took my hair, all my spare body weight, and much of my physical strength, but it did not take my joy or my will. My unilateral mastectomy took my breast, but it did not take my femininity or my determination to persevere. Six weeks of radiation left me with second degree burns, but it did not keep me from going to work every day and making a difference in the lives of my own patients. My multiple breast reconstruction surgeries may have been complicated and stressful, but they did not keep me from feeling beautiful standing at the alter in my strapless wedding dress four months later. You see, breast cancer tried to take a lot from me, but refused to accept defeat.

My life is my own and only God can decide when it is time for my soul to move on, and because of that, each day I open my eyes from the comfort of my pillow, that day becomes my own. When the day is mine, I am able to live my life with intention and with a renewed outlook, a new awareness of the true beauty that lies in each new memory made. I have become acutely aware and appreciative of each passing moment, and I strive to live each one as though I just unwrapped it like a gift. A journey through cancer is scary. The path is full of blind corners and uncharted twists and turns—but with determination and the love and support of others, healing is both possible and attainable. Let my survival story shine a light so that you, too, may find your way through the darkness.

Let my story be a reminder that you CAN do hard things, and that nothing can stop you from being a survivor, an OVERCOMER."