Marie~Claire Cates

"My son has autism and epilepsy and I got tired of calling in sick. I really thought that I was going to get fired one day. The anxiety, and the yearning for freedom led me to where I am today. My son is my biggest inspiration!

There is a reason why most of us don't start a business, uncertainty. It's scary. I did not quit because my soul would not let me. My faith has been my anchor throughout this journey. I love waking up and creating my own day. I get to do whatever I want. That's freedom to me.

Not nurturing an email list for at least 4 years. I did not know about the importance of email marketing until 2017. Customers would come visit my studio and I would not collect their emails. Can you imagine the missed opportunities? Ugh, still can't believe I did that lol. The money is in the list. Very valuable lesson.

In 5 years, I see my business serving millions of women of color with acne issues. I want AES to become a household name."

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Instagram: @acneexpert