Make The Decision And Do It. Read Althea’s Story.

Social media has the ability to share information at the drop of a hat. Social media also helps people stay informed and sometimes maintain different types of relationships. When we launched Life Setters, we never thought the "power of social media" would apply to us. As we reached out to many politicians for our November features, Althea Steven kindly responded back to our humble message. Althea Steven is a name that we all should get use to hearing because she is running for NY City Council District 16.

With the exchange of a few messages, we got the opportunity to interview Althea (don’t worry it was through zoom ☺️) shared some laughs, personal stories and setbacks on her race to City Council. Althea even connected us with other amazing men and women in politics whom offered to also participate in our November features! (Yes, all of that from social media). If that doesn’t to speak to a small portion of her humble character, read to learn more about Althea Steven.

“Life experiences have shown me that politics are for everyone. As a women from the Bronx, I see daily how our diverse voice have power and was seen best in this passed weeks presidential victory. As New York City Council District 16 candidate, I aspire to be a role model and continued voice for the next generation of women leaders. I will always continue to motivate, lead, and advocate for my community. My advice for any women considering a role in this male dominated field.... MAKE THE DECISION AND DO IT!!!! That’s as simple as I can say it.”