" Although I am not too big on the hair typing system, I do realize the frustration that those with type 4 hair may feel as their hair is the least represented in the natural hair community. I feel that it is extremely important for every curl and coil shape, size, and type to be thoroughly and equally represented everywhere. This is especially important for the younger generations. So many mothers are raising daughters and sons that will most likely choose to wear their hair natural when they’re ready. They should look around and be able to say “wow, they have hair just like me!”

Advice I would give to anyone considering the big chop; first, I would tell them to make sure they know exactly why they’re considering it, and to never feel pressured to do it. Not everyone wants to go the route of cutting off that amount of hair at once, and that’s perfectly fine. I myself was in the transitioning stage for a good portion of my natural hair journey before I did the big chop. I would also tell them to move at their own pace and embrace whatever the end result may be. If they decide to big chop, rock that TWA! On the other hand, if they decide to continue to transition, embrace all of those different textures! Twist Outs were my go-to style when transitioning as they made it easier to mesh the multiple textures on my head until I was ready to big chop.

Although I do not follow the hair typing system; for those that do, I would say I have a mixture of 3C/4A hair. I have a mixture of curls and coils; looser curls on the top and sides, with tighter coils in the back and underneath. I've actually been loving mousse as a styler lately for both my twist outs and wash and go’s. I love it because it's lightweight, but still gives me great definition and hold. I don’t get any crunch or stiffness, but instead lots of softness, bounce, fluff, and shine. My favorite thing about using mousse as a styler is the quick drying time. Instead of sitting under my hooded dryer for the usual hour, with mousse, I only have to sit under there for about 30-45 minutes. My all time favorite mousse at the moment is The Doux’s Mousse Def Texture Foam. I’ve gone through about three bottles already and just ordered some more.

 Your hair is the crown you never take off. Embrace however you decide to decorate and style that crown. "

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