Kelsey 💕

" We have chosen to invest our time with adoption instead of fertility treatments because we have been through 2+ years of infertility & believe everything happens for a reason. It’s not impossible for us to get pregnant, but could be extremely risky. I have had major spine surgery, a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a benign brain tumor, & we have suffered a miscarriage. We know there are so many babies who need a home, and we are here to welcome them with an open heart. 

The adoption process is one big rollercoaster of emotions. From being inspected in every aspect of your life for the home study- to meeting potential birth moms you truly feel every feeling. It’s like one day you are over moon excited, and the next you are discouraged. The anxiousness of the fact you could be welcoming a baby at any moment, the nervousness to not have the adoption disrupted, the compassion for what expecting mamas are going through during this- while making the hardest decision of their life, and the excitement for what the future holds.

The best part of this journey so far has been the overwhelming support we have received. We announced we were hoping to adopt, and it went viral overnight which we are so grateful for, as that doesn’t always happen. It is so amazing the stories we have heard, and the relationships made just from that. On the flip side, it gave us a jump start and opened our story for lots of negative comments & scammers.My advice to anyone going through this is to have a great support system you can vent to, and take it day by day. Even when you are discouraged, all it takes is one person to feel connected to you & change your world. Love makes family- not just genetics 💕  ."

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