Inspiring young readers one book at a time.....Read Omar's inspiring story.

"My name is Omar,  I am a teacher and I just recently became an author, publishing my first children’s book, The Lumpy Banana. I never could have imagined that my story, something that I created would be out there in the world for people to see and enjoy. I'm ecstatic!! This year, a lot has happened, but I always try to find the positive and make it work best for me. During Covid-19, I took the time to revamp myself and focus on things that I needed to change. I started writing more with my best friend, strengthened relationships, managed my finances, and was able to share my first-ever children's book to the world. As a black author, This is big for me. I have been blessed enough to live my life how I choose to live it. I am unbothered and unapologetic. What a fantastic feeling. As an educator, my message to future life setters is to never settle for less. The world is a very big place and it's up to you to take over and achieve all that you want to. I never want any of you to settle. Know your worth and demand your value! You are going to be big someday!! Trust in yourself and smile. I would like to share that this field of education is not easy. However, it comes with so many rewards. You get to help children reach their full potential on a daily basis. Even if it gets rough, knowing that you reached one child makes all the difference. The future is ours, so let's make it great!"
Omar's new book "The Lumpy Banana" can be purchased in the link below