Her Hair Glory

" I’ve always been natural for most of my life because my mum was always against relaxers. I was relaxed for a few months and suffice to say it did not end well. I then grew out my hair again and life went on. What I realized is that despite being natural most of my life, I was never intentional about it and my hair reflected this. I can safely say that every time I’ve been intentional I’ve seen results and when I fell into complacency my hair reflected that.

Almost every natural talks about the importance of representation of natural hair but what I want to focus on is representation within the natural hair community. I feel that low density/fine natural hair is not normalized least alone celebrated. We typically see the full and thick afro’s being portrayed and along with that are multiple suggested oils and challenges ( rice water and the inversion method ) to grow thicker hair. Most women do not have full hairlines either. So as a fine haired girl I’ve been encouraged at how many women have reached out saying they are happy to see someone with fine/low density hair creating hair content. In my journey I’ve had to accept my hair for what it is and have stopped trying to fix it by trying to get it to be thick and dense. Low density fine hair is absolutely normal and doesn't need fixing.

The growth tips I have require one to first accept their hair for what it is and be realistic of its capabilities. Growth is affected by things like genetics, diet, environmental, health issues so a miracle oil concoction will not alter these factors. Once you have realistic expectations there are things you can do to boost hair growth within your hairs own capabilities: 1) drinking juiced carrot and beetroot. The vitamins and minerals encourage hair growth 2) wash, deep condition & moisturize hair regularly 3) wear hair in stretched styles as our natural coils tend to tangle around each other and break.

When styling fine hair you want to stay away from thick heavy products because those will weigh your hair down making it look even more thin. some oils I’d recommend for fine/low density hair. Argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil." 

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