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" We became foster parents in 2017 with the idea that our son could grow up around other kids. Our end goal was to help kids and families during a rough patch with the focus of family preservation and bringing families back together. We didn't plan to adopt, but have adopted twice due to reunification not being a safe option. I believe many families get into foster care to adopt and if that is why they become foster parents I strongly suggest they reconsider or focusing on adopting children that are able to be adopted by checking the State websites and learning more about foster care and adoption.

The best part about adoption is we get to love on these kids forever and my son has 2 additional siblings that we never thought would happen. We feel so grateful to be a family of 5 and really blessed to have them in our lives.

 Since both of our adoptions came through foster care we saw the many ups and downs that journey brings. Adoption isn't the goal of foster care and when that becomes the plan instead it is heartbreaking. As a mom though you do get so attached to all of the kids in your home and you want the best for them, so it is hard to work towards reunification, but when you look at the big picture or end goal you know that is why you were placed in there lives to assist with that plan

I would ask couples that are looking into infant adoption to really consider older kids or kids within the foster care system. There are over 120,000 kids currently in care in the United States that are eligible for adoption. Both of our adopted children did not come to us as newborns, but we are bonded and still have experienced so many of the things you want to experience as a parent. I spent many nights rocking them to sleep and reading them stories even though they didn't come to us at birth. Adoption is such a blessing to our family, but it comes with many hurdles. It is also really important to consider keeping relationships with safe biological family members when adopting."

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