DJ Preethi


" I bought my first set of turntables back in 2002. I had no idea how to use them or even mix two songs together. But I had a lot of DJ friends that I thought would give me some pointers and help me out, but I quickly learned that in this craft, you have to fend for yourself.

I met my dj mentor Lovejones in 2004 who quickly took me under his wing and showed me all the basic fundamentals of djing.I also learned how to produce and master mixtapes which I totally fell in love with. Dj G.a.m.e was born.

It was an independent woman’s movement.My name was an acronym (Girls About Making Endz)I was a young struggling mom of 2 boys just trying to make it through life and give my kids the best upbringing I could.Music was my therapist.When I was having a bad day or was feeling down,I would just go into my basement, spin some tunes and just vibe out.It was a great stress reliever for me.

My early influence was my father.A hardcore music lover that had me playing all different musical instruments from a young age.I was surrounded by the sounds of Elvis,The Beatles ,Madonna,Whitney Houston,Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson just to name a few.I was hooked and spent all my extra money buying records and cassettes.

I think being a female in such a male dominated industry is definitely intimidating at times.

Many of us are looked at as novelty acts and not necessarily DJs that have any talent.They judge you and your appearance before they even hear you spin.One venue told me they didn’t care if I could play or not they just wanted me to look pretty in the booth.

This only adds fuel to  my fire and makes me wanna kill it and leave their mouths hanging.

A big mistake that I see a lot of new djs making is that many of them lack humbleness.

Nowadays it’s easy for anyone to be a dj , but just because you have a Macbook pro and a library of ripped youtube mps, that does not make you a dj.

You're playing for the people in front of you not for yourself.Read the crowd.Look up and engage.

You gotta start as a warm-up dj and move your way up the ladder.Don’t be upset if you don’t get to play prime time.The warm up dj is just as important as the headliner.Calm down the ego!

Learn how to play your position and always pay respect to the ones who paved the path before you.

If I could give any advice to upcoming djs it would be to always stay consistent.Never stop and never quit.Your gonna want to. I wanted to quit 3 times in my career but I didn’t and it finally paid off after years of consistency.Just always keep moving up and forward and never quit on your passion."

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