"As a first-generation college graduate and first doctorate degree holder in my family, I have seen and lived the importance of an education. It is absolutely life-changing, and I want to be part of that change. I am now a professor at Samford University and have the blessing of working with students every day as they navigate towards their purpose in life. 

My biggest piece of advice is to remember that all students learn differently and every class has a different makeup of these students that have individual learning interests/needs. Adjust your classes accordingly and remember to give grace. We are all humans, after all. 

My heart explodes with excitement when I see my students have an “ah-ha” moment in class. When the piece of the puzzle finally come together and they truly understand the course content, I can see the “light-bulb” turning on in their minds. There is simply nothing like it, and it’s hard to put into words. I also love to see our students out in their careers succeeding and achieving their dreams. That’s truly the icing on the cake."

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