"The best way to support yourself and others when it comes to our mental health is by first acknowledging that it is okay to not be/feel okay. A lot of the time we are too hard on ourselves and others and it makes us avoid the issue all together. We must practice grace with ourselves and the people who we care about. Once we are aware that something is wrong then, the goal is to get educated on the issue. Whether it be anxiety, depression, or any other issue, there is an ample amount of information on the internet to help us gain a better understanding of what we are dealing with and the steps we can take to overcome the issue.

We can promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of mental health problems by having tough conversations with ourselves and others. Most of us are avoiding thinking about our issues which makes it difficult to promote growth. Once we start having the tough conversations with ourselves then we can come together with others and discuss these issues in a transparent manner. In my opinion, everything starts with self awareness. We can gain a better understanding of the root of mental health problems by becoming aware of what we are battling with and where it is rooted from. As I said in the first question, doing research on what others have discovered about the causes of mental health is also a great way to gain more knowledge.   

Growing up I was always the person that people would come to for advice. But I had no interest in mental health until college when I took my first psychology class at Valencia. My professor was amazing and she inspired me to go into the psychology field. The more I learned the more I fell in love with the mind and really humans in general. 

I wish more people knew that mental health is more about understanding who we are and the world we live in. When we know who we are, not who society has programmed us to be, but who we truly are and when we know the world we live in, not just the society created by other human beings, but the world that was created for us. Then, we can overcome any trauma, anxiety, fear, etc. that pops into our mind.

I would tell anyone who is hesitant to enter therapy to start by practicing self-awareness. Ask yourself questions starting with “what”. Ex. What is making me hesitant? What if therapy helps me become the person I want to be? I would also recommend for them to do their own research on mental health. There is a lot of knowledge out there but we have to prioritize looking into it rather than just avoiding it all together."

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