Cat’s Creations

“My journey to entrepreneurship started back in 2016, while being a stay at home mother. At the time, I had just given birth to my 3rd daughter, and working wasn’t an option! As my family quickly expanded, I found myself unable to afford rent and other basic necessities! I called my best friend Jamela and cried my eyes out. I said, “I have to make money”. Without hesitation, she responded “Sell some cakes”, and left it there. At this particular time, I had zero experience baking or decorating and had no interest. So I began watching YouTube. I would sit at a table and watch/practice with Duncan Hines canned frosting. This was my routine every single night after I put all 3 of my girls to bed. 

There have been several times when I have either wanted to quit, or actually have taken a hiatus. One of the difficult parts about being an entrepreneur, is that things take time to develop. I used to get so frustrated with my progress, because I was always worried if I was good enough. Sometimes I would stress myself to the point of making myself sick and landing in the hospital. At one point around 2018, I took about 7 months off, but found myself drawn back into the service aspect, and began decorating again. I haven’t stopped since! Dealing with that situation was difficult, however, I knew I was meant to walk that path, and I was obedient to what God said. 

What I love most about being an entrepreneur, is my ability to impact and influence others! I’m a firm believer in supporting those around you, who will ultimately support you. Running my business allows me to serve my customers while still fulfilling my need to serve and minister to others. Receiving messages from people about how I’ve impacted their lives, is what makes it so special. People will reach out for help and advice or even just to support, and it’s an amazing feeling being able to do something for them as well. 

My biggest regret was not following God sooner, and not really owning my story and my purpose. For years I was very lost. I often tried to figure things out on my own, and it got me nowhere. Once I began following for, and walking on my purpose, my life began to change! I wouldn’t have it any other way now!

In 5 years, I see my business expanding beyond my wildest dreams. I definitely see at least a second store front, but more focus being on the philanthropic, service,and mentorship side. I definitely see myself owning a few kitchen co-op’s, resource and education centers and running a full time baking school. I know it can happen, and I know it will happen! I’m just working diligent until God sends that signal.”

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