Brittany Vasquez - Data Analyst

"My name is Brittany Vasquez, I am proud to represent Hispanic and Latina Women in STEM – Data Analyst at IDEA Public Schools by day, Owner/Web Developer at Tea Before Code at night, and Boutique Owner at Pitaya Mom online.

Before becoming an advocate to empower other women in STEM, I worked for three years at a mental health center where I quickly experienced burnout. I was eager to find career happiness, so I quit my job six months before graduating Counseling graduate school and did something I never thought I would do. Change my career.

For over six years, I had been programming, designing, creating, and helping others promote their social media, change their websites, and even design their political campaign banners. As a first-year college graduate in my Hispanic family, to switch careers was just something you did not do - even if it was 50% lower than the average case manager salary in Texas. But I knew it was time for a change.

Talking, reading, and writing in two different languages was not going to stop me. Having both of my parents originating from Mexico only motivated me. Becoming the role-model to my siblings, even at the cost of being the “first one”, inspired me to continue looking forward. I was going to be a force to empower and educate other Hispanic and Latina women to look towards STEM positions, because someone must.

When I talk to other women, I tell them to surround themselves with other people who inspire them to go for it. Take that leap of faith, build your professional development with courses online, gain those skills by joining workshops, and especially believe in yourself. We need to break barriers and encourage our female students to pursue career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), because it’s time to change the world. It is time to create opportunities and let our minority groups be represented and heard. That’s what I love about my career; to be a leader to others in this field has been rewarding and eye-opening, because even with the struggles I had to get here, I know I have paved the way for others to get here too."

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