Blessed and Highly favored. Read Kristina’s Story

“I found a lump on the top of my left breast in April this year,  in the middle of lockdown. As I do a lot of exercise, I waited for a week or so to see if it was muscular but when it didn’t subside, I rang my GP. I was referred to my local hospital and had a mammogram within two weeks of the initial call. The mammogram detected a thickening of tissue but nothing that looked like a tumour. I was further examined by a doctor who performed a needle biopsy. At this point I was unconcerned - I’m only 48, don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol, I’m slim and exercise daily as well as having a very healthy diet (I’m a personal trainer so I’m passionate about keeping fit a good nutrition). I have no family history of breast cancer and have breast fed four babies and naively believed that I wasn’t at risk at all. In fact, three years previously I had found a small lump which turned out to be a cyst, so I assumed this would turn out to be something similar. 

A week after the biopsies I received the shocking news that I did in fact have breast cancer. I went straight to the hospital after receiving the news and met with the breast specialist who examined me and reassured me that a wide excision lumpectomy was the gold standard of treatment and would leave the minimum impact on my breast. 

Five weeks later I had the operation and was home the same day (on one of the hottest days of the year!) I had three lymph nodes removed at the same time to check whether the cancer had spread and had a small scar from this as well as a barely detectable scar that followed the line of my nipple. I felt great knowing that the tumour was out of me and was back running five days later!

To my relief, the lymph nodes were clear and the tumour was grade 1, stage 1. As I had discovered it so early I didn’t need chemotherapy and my surgery was followed 7 weeks later with just five sessions of radiotherapy. I was warned this would take it out of me but to be honest, I felt a little tired for a couple of days a week later and had a rash that lasted for a couple of weeks but no other side effects.
I’m now taking tamoxifen (10 years) and so far haven’t had any side effects. I am one of the very fortunate ones - I found my cancer early, received excellent treatment and am healthy enough to have not suffered much from any of the treatment.”