"My name is Shaquita Garcia and I am the owner of AART NYC, a colorful clothing brand that has my artwork printed onto joggers and tshirts. I also own a non-profit organization called Modern Housewives Co, which is a brand centered around the mental health and wellness of moms. I'm a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers and in 2020 I became more intentional about my self care routine because I had to be.It was tough on all of us, but a lot on me. I was still practically a new mom, battling the mental scars of postpartum depression, and I needed to find a way to heal. So, I would lock myself in my bathroom, do my hair, makeup and styling, take pictures, and edit them. After doing this for months, I had built a portfolio, and eventually I thought, what can I do with this? I turned those photos into prints to put on clothing! My bathroom pics evolved into a business fairly quickly. I was inspired to be an entrepreneur out of necessity. I couldn't afford childcare because NYC pricing is crazy, plus I needed to regain my financial independence. There is nothing in the world like making your own money. I wanted to be free and fabulous like I was before I had children. It was the self empowerment that I needed, aside from the "super mom" idea. 

I actually started this business once before, under a different name, and I actually did quit. Nothing was lining up, no one was buying it, and I was discouraged. I'm a very colorful and over the top dresser, and I felt that I needed to regroup to add that same flavor in a way that everyone would feel they could rock my clothing and support and love my brand. I usually don't give myself the credit, but I feel that the redesign is quite genius and I'm so happy that I'm finally able to do what I love and have other people love it too.

 The one thing I enjoy about being a business owner is definitely the design process and the ability to control whatever I want. I used to be a fashion designer in corporate america (pre-motherhood) and I always felt like I was placed in a box. I could never go too over the top or too crazy because they had their own aesthetic. Now that I have my own business, I can go as far as I want with the designing.

My biggest regret with my non profit is not giving it as much gas in the beginning. I was still battling postpartum depression when I started it, so I was actually growing through motherhood at the time. But, my motherhood woes were the very things that inspired me to start this community for moms to tell their stories. I only wish I had the courage and the guts to each out to even more moms, the way I'm doing now. I also know that I did have to heal in order to get this far. And I thank every mom who has spoken with me on Modern Housewives Podcast, because through their stories and testimonies, I was able to heal. With my clothing line, if I had to choose something as a biggest regret, it would be not believing in myself more and assuming that no one would like my clothes lol. It was a real surprise to me every time I got a sale. I still get butterflies when I hear the shopify "ding" come through my phone lol.

In 5 years, I see my mommy podcast hopefully progressing into a talk show. I know that may seem so out there, but that's what I really wish and hope for. I want to interview moms all over the world about their journey. We all have a unique story to tell and I want to hear all of them. In terms of my clothing line, I would have said, seeing moms all over the world wearing my clothing, but it's happening before my very eyes right now, ahhhhhh! I just only hope and pray that i can continue to bless others with my AART and hope that they love and appreciate it's beauty as much as I do. I want people to view high fashion differently. Not as something that is unattainable by us. I want people to wear my clothes and feel like they are the flyest person at the supermarket or wherever. I just want fly to be effortless for everyone and if that just happens to make me more money, that's fine too. I create AART for the people. It's literally me in every print."

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